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Burka-Kosmos is one of the market leaders in the field of gear grinding. Our grinding wheels are especially used in grinding large gears for the wind and large gear industry. Extremely high workpiece costs require a dependable safe quality and high sensibility of the application related area.

Burka-Kosmos has mastered these demands for many years and offers highly complex grinding processes for the customer that are economic and efficient. Active cooperation with the leading producers of gear grinding machines has strengthened our resolve to always offer the best solutions for grinding gears and gear components. We are able to offer you short-term delivery due to our unparalleled stock program.

Profile Grinding

In normal gear grinding or form grinding we differentiate between one or two tooth flank grinding and deep grinding. We have developed different specifications that fit your particular applications. Along with the extremely productive grinding wheels what contain sintered aluminum oxide, we also offer grinding wheels made of fused aluminum oxide for normal applications.

Continuous Generative Grinding

In order to reach the exactness required of cog wheels today, hard fine machining of the tooth flank is needed in most cases. In this case, the line production of small and medium gears using continuous generative grinding demonstrates a very productive and cost effective method. 

Burka-Kosmos has an extensive stock selection of blank grinding wheels for this use for machines produced by: 

  • Reishauer
  • Kapp
  • Liebherr
  • Gleason TWG
  • Samputensili

We are able to profile grinding wheels to your specifications und up to speeds of V = 80 m/sec and deliver these on short notice

Bevel Gear Grinding

In order to optimize load capacity and noise emissions, changes must be made to the gear geometry and topography. With Burka-Kosmos grinding wheels almost all corrections like longitudinal and profile crowning, tip and root relief, plus root radius can be made.

You can choose between loose slip rings or those already cemented on the steel disc. Burka-Kosmos bevel gear slip rings are used on the following machines: Klingelnberg, Gleason HG, Gleason Phönix and others…

Wormschaft Grinding Rotor Grinding

There are different areas of use for wormshaft and rotor grinding. Sometimes the grinding removes the hardening distortions created by hardening and many times only the soft material is processed. There are differences if the pieces are only finished ground after milling or if the whole material is ground in order reach the desired geometry.

Burka-Kosmos has developed corresponding specifications for these different uses that work very well on all standard machines like: Klingelnberg, Matrix Churchill, Doimak, Kapp, Reishauer and others.