Universal Grinding

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Universal Grinding

here are two different processes for surface and profile surface grinding: speed stroke grinding/pendular grinding and deep grinding. The use of the respective techniques greatly depends on the machine construction and stability.

With speed stroke grinding you work with low infeed and high feed, while with deep grinding you work with high infeed and low feed. Due to the enormous development in the area of materials, like using nickel or titan alloy for turbine parts, the requirements of the grinding wheels is also continuously increasing.

External Cylindrical Grinding

External and internal cylindrical grinding has developed into a very versatile area of application due to the technical possibilities of the new grinding machine generation in the past years. The demands of the grinding wheel regarding high removal rates with simultaneously increasing form and surface qualities has consistently grown with the further development of the machine systems.

In large scale production it is often possible to attain an extremely economic process using exact coordinated grinding wheel specifications. In small and middle scale production the demands on the grinding wheel are normally in the area of flexibility, due to the small batch sizes. After years of longstanding cooperation with customers, Burka-Kosmos has developed very good specifications that have exactly these qualities. We deliver in all industry branches grinding wheels up to ø 800 mm and for a peripheral speed up to 100 m/sec for the following machines: Studer, Kellenberger, Kehren, Danobat, Schaudt, Jones&Shipman, Geibel&Hotz and more…

Roll Grinding

Technical rolls are primarily used in the steel, printing, lamination and paper industry. These uses have high demands on concentricity, parallelism, and finish quality. Burka-Kosmos uses vitrified bonded grinding wheels in different specifications and varied porosity for all these applications.

Due to the large variety of materials, all conventional grinding mediums from regular aluminum carbide to silicon carbide are used. We produce roll grinding wheels up to a diameter of 800 mm for all machine types, such as: Herkules, Waldrich, Tos, MSO, Schaudt, Naxos-Union, Danobat and more.

Valve Grinding

Due to the continuous development of combustion engines, the demands on the valves have also increased. There are two different types of valves: the intake and the outlet valve. Especially the outlet valve is exposed not only to the mechanical stress but also to the thermal stress. The production of this valve is now a high speed process.

The cycle time of headform gear grinding is 4-6 seconds per valve. Vitrified bonded grinding wheels with a peripheral speed up to 100 m/s are used here. Due to extensive trials, Burka-Kosmos has developed very good specifications that meet the high demands of this process.