Rubber Bonded Control Wheels

The quality of your product not only depends on the quality of your grinding wheel but also significantly depends on the quality of the control wheel. Due to the elasticity of rubber bonded control wheels – by the way, we are the only producer of these control wheels in Germany – they are often preferred to vitrified and synthetic resin bonded grinding wheels.

Burka-Kosmos also offers specifications for various uses here. Burka-Kosmos control wheels are used in the following machines: Tschudin, Mikrosa, Overbeck, Nomoco, Lidköping,Rossi and more…

Rubber Bonded Grinding Wheels

Due to consistent further development of grinding and control wheels, we have been able to produce high quality rubber bonded grinding and control wheels “Made in Germany”.

By the way, we are the only producer of these grinding mediums in Germany.

The manufacturing of mass-produced articles depends on producing products of a standard high quality economically and in a competitive time.

 Rubber bonded grinded wheels offer the following advantages compared to synthetic resin bonded grinding wheels:                           

  • high chipping volume
  • short grinding times
  • cool grinding
  • prevention of structural damage
  • high surface finish

These grinding wheels are used on the following machines:
Rollomatic, Junker, Normac, Gefra, Winslow, Anca and more…

Mounted Points

Mounted points are needed, among other things, for the removal of edges and welded seams. In foundries and mould construction they are used for straight grinders and flexible shafts and are frequently the only possibility to reach hard to reach places while improving the surface.

We offer a selection of vitrified and synthetic resin bonded mounted points in different graining, grade and size.

Abrasives Blades

Tryolit Abrasives

Long life and excellent performance for cutting, grinding and removal of industrial materials. Tyrolit Abrasives go through extensive testing to bring you the highest quality product.

Diamond Blades

We have just as many types of diamond blades as you can find applications. From wet walk behind and dry high speed to masonry, tuck point, cup grinders and more. You can rely on us to have what you need to get the job done.

Profile Surface & Deep Grinding

There are two different processes for surface and profile surface grinding: speed stroke grinding/pendular grinding and deep grinding. The use of the respective techniques greatly depends on the machine construction and stability.

With speed stroke grinding you work with low infeed and high feed, while with deep grinding you work with high infeed and low feed. Due to the enormous development in the area of materials, like using nickel or titan alloy for turbine parts, the requirements of the grinding wheels is also continuously increasing.